Cocchi Vermouth

Cocchi Vermouth is a delectable and appealing drink that anyone with a love for cocktails will delight in.  Vermouth is a traditional, centuries old wine which is part of cocktails such as Manhattans and Martinis. It has a lovely and enticing aroma which will add the perfect flavor to any cocktail out there of your choosing.

                Cocchi is a specific brand maker of Vermouth and based out of Italy. Giulio Cocchi Spumanti was originally a pastry chef that started the winery in 1891. His main interest at the time was pairing food with wine, hence his production of aromatic-infused wines such as the Vermouth. The amazing combination his vermouth provides puts him at the top of the list when picking the perfect brand.

                Today, Cocchi Vermouth still produces this tasty treat and is used widely in mixing cocktails. Adding vermouth to a cocktail actually dilutes the potency of the other alcoholic beverages, making it gentler and more pleasant to drink.  Who doesn’t love a margarita or manhattan cocktail after all. No one we know.

                A vermouth is actually considered a fortified wine, meaning it has a different spirit added to it- brandy. It has a high alcohol content rating in at a hefty 18%. It is the perfect addition to a cocktail to add flair and style unlike any other. Vermouth is flavored with a lovely combination of cinnamon, chamomile, majorjam and cardamom. Because of the sweet demeanor and herb combination found in a Vermouth, it has a sweet yet spicy taste and smell.  In other words, it is like heaven on earth to drink and put under your nose.        

                Since vermouth is actually considered a wine spirit, it is an interesting and intriguing addition to a traditional martini or manhattan.  It has such an enticing aroma and flavor that you won’t ever want to go without.  Even if a martini was never a choice for you as a cocktail, vermouth is sure to make you give it a second look.  Whenever you decide to take a trip to your favorite cocktail lounge be sure to ask for Cocchi Vermouth.  You will never be disappointed.